BookingsMed.comHealth Tourism Industry – HTI is the Official Distributor of BookingsMed for Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The brand BookingsMed represents the European online platform founded by the Italian company World Fine Selections, established by its CEO Mariaantonietta Princivalle in 2012, in Veneto, Italy. Born as a DMC, WFS has always supported the collaboration with professional travel agents, even now when doing business through an online platform.

The medical travel online platform BookingsMed aims to include the leading healthcare organizations and connect them with qualified medical facilitators and travel agents who represent the core of the platform. Thus, many obstacles are reduced: language, time zone, waiting times and payments. BookingsMed has a network of distributors covering: Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Turkey, India, Georgia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Croatia.

Being present at the BookingsMed platform enables B2B and B2C connectivity to medical providers, at the same time boosting their visibility on the international market. In addition to that, medical providers listed in the Catalogue (Luxury or Family Edition) are promoted to all agents and facilitators within the network on a yearly basis.

Parallel to, the Bookingsmed Academy was born to provide education and strengthen skills of medical service providers and agents through online lectures and educational sessions.

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