Thierry Dubois

President of European Spas Association (ESPA), Belgium

Thierry Dubois was Chairman of the Managing Board of the Saujon Spa Group until 2014. Since then, he is Chairman of the Group’s Supervisory Board. The group includes a 150-bed psychiatric clinic, a spa specializing in psychosomatic disorders, and a wellness centre with 80 accommodation facilities.

He has been President of the CNETh for 10 years. The CNETh is the French professional association that groups together all the 110 French thermal baths.

He is also the Vice-President of AFRETh, which is the association for thermal research. AFRETh, created in 2004, has published 16 clinical trials in international English-language journals with high impact factor.

Thierry Dubois is also Vice-President of the French Thermal and Climatic Federation, which brings together all the associations linked to balneotherapy (CNETh, AFRETh, thermal doctors, mayors, etc.).

Since 2016 Thierry Dubois is the President of ESPA. ESPA brings together 20 European countries and maintains relations with number of countries such as China, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.