Inna Dashchenko, Vice-president of the International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism – IAPMT, Ukraine


IAPMT is an organization for connecting the physicians, medical tourism agents and medical providers from all over the world.

The main activity of the IAPMT is an improvement of public awareness of the opportunities in medical tourism.

– The IAPMT organizes information tours for medical doctors to the best clinics and rehabilitation centres,

– supports, participates and keeps coordination of branch events, work-shops and presentations in medical sphere around the world,

– informs all its members about the news and events in medical tourism,

– gets a feedback from the partners and members and monitor the needs of the medical tourism sociality.

Inna Dashchenko has been 6 years with the IAPMT, she develops all the activity of the IAPMT, personally met a lot of medical tourism professionals and consults medical providers about the medical tourism activities.