Eduardo Santander

Eduardo Santander, Executive Director, European Travel Commission

Eduardo Santander is the Executive Director of the European Travel Commission (ETC), an association of National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) created in 1948 to promote Europe as a tourism destination. In this role, Mr Santander steers ETC’s activities aimed at building the value of tourism for the countries of Europe through cooperation in sharing best practices, market intelligence and promotion. Under his leadership, ETC has extended its membership to private organisations and academia with the launch of the Associate Membership Programme and developed a long-term strategic partnership with the European Commission for the promotion of Destination Europe in long-haul markets.

Mr Santander has over 15 years of experience in tourism marketing, brand development, business consulting, advocacy and public affairs gained in diverse private companies and public institutions from the tourism and hospitality sector. Educated in Spain, USA and Austria he holds a PhD in Sport Sciences and an MBA degree with a focus on Hospitality and Recreation Industry Management.

Mr Santander is a passionate advocate of freedom to travel, smart connectivity and sustainability in tourism and beyond.